Friday, 28 March 2014

Three Months Later.... Film Release!!

It has been a VERY long time since my last post. Or at least, it feels like a long time. More than anything, I have wanted a piece of work that I can use to demonstrate the kind of films I want to make. I have been determined to get my first proper film complete, and I took the decision to focus my efforts, where I had time, on the editing of the Grey Seal film. And, three months later, I can officially say it is finished!!

The YouTube link is live here:

What an incredibly rewarding experience. I have learned a hell of a lot in the process, which I will apply to forthcoming films I have planned over the summer.

I have some huge thank you's to make. Firstly, Tim Precious. A great friend who came with me and assisted with a lot of the camera work and was a great creative input into getting the styles of shots and story that we were after. You can follow the plant loving environmentalist on twitter @TimmyP123

Could not have done it without this man! (He doesn't always look like he is on drugs...)

Next up, Sam Smith and Harriet Young, who were immensely useful when it came to editing and creating the story line. It really helped getting opinions of scenes throughout the process.

Basil, Sam's cat, lends a paw or two during the editing process!

And lastly, but not least, Kitty Macfarlane, for the use of her incredible music! Her song is essentially the theme song for the film, and is perfectly appropriate. If you have never heard of her, please do check her out!

Tide and Time by Kitty Macfarlane

I made a short film of a brown rat, called A Ratty Afternoon, which was a quick distraction from the intense Grey Seals. I plan to do a bit of a behind the scenes storytelling of how I made the Grey Seal film in my next blog as well, for any filmmakers that may be interested, or wildlife enthusiasts that may be tempted to make a film!

There is a hell of a lot to take in here, so I will call it a day, and be sure to keep more regular updates with forthcoming films and the developments I have made on the Fall for Nature series as well. Oh, and a potential website!

I hope everyone is well, thank you for reading, watching and if you could share the film or blog with any like-minded people, that would be hugely appreciated!

Once again, Thank ya'll !

Tom, Beyond the Riverbank Movies

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  1. Well done Tom. That's a lovely film, informative but not too complicated. I love the shot of the seal pup next to mum.

    1. Thank you Suzie! Really appreciate it :) .