Thursday, 14 November 2013

Falling for Nature

Beyond the Riverbank is expanding. I thoroughly enjoy writing about and photographing my wildlife adventures, and will continue to do so. Now, I have made the decision to start making wildlife films. I have never made one before, properly at least, so will be starting from scratch. My first aim is to create a series of short films under the title 'Fall for Nature'. A series about inspiring people to love nature, by showing you how easy it is to connect with incredible wildlife. Leading by example, I will hopefully show how it is done. In the most simple of ways. You do not need lots of money, and you definitely do not have to travel far, to engage with and enjoy spectacular wildlife. Essentially, it is free. And all around us. You just have to look, listen and make yourself aware of it.

Listen to the bird song at first light. Look for kestrels on your way to work as they hunt over the roadside verges. Walk to the local shop instead of driving and see how many types of birds you see. Smell the flowers growing on the neighbours wall. Touch the moss and lichen growing on trees. Put a feeder up and keep a list of how many species visit your garden each year or season. So far I have had 24 species in my garden this year. And that isn't including any winter visitors like redwing, fieldfare and waxwing. Watch what they are up to. Are they feeding? Courting? Defending territory? Don't worry too much about names. Names are literally just that. People have different names for the same animal anyway. Enjoy the animals for what they are and not what they are called. Don't be put off by box ticking twitchers. I love kestrels and barn owls. And would sooner sit and watch one of these hunt over the fields all day, than travel 200 miles to see a bird that has blown over from the USA and is the first in the country since 1952. And it is such a rare sighting here, simply because it should not be there. Now, where are those magpies fighting over the parsnip I put in the garden?

Plans for my first two short films are under way. This blog will keep a record of the progress I hopefully make as I begin a new venture. Details will follow!

Thank you for reading.


  1. Great idea and intro! I look forward to the first instalment! x

  2. Well done Tom for taking on a new and exciting venture and addition to your blog. Like Lou, I'm looking forward to watching your first film.

    1. Thank you Seagull! If anything, it will be fun making them :)